Alex Jones “Believes” in Crypto, Even Though He Thinks It’s Probably Plagued by “Globalists”

Alex Jones went on The Joe Rogan Experience last week and, in a voice that’s taken a beating from incessant yelling about conspiring “globalists,” extolled the virtues of cryptocurrency.

“I believe in cryptocurrencies,” Jones rasped to Rogan. “I believe it’s the future.”

Seems reasonable enough, compared with literally any other statement Jones has ever made (like his belief that the government is harboring “weather weapons” or that IBM is a eugenics front). But let’s look at what else Jones has about crypto, starting in this very same interview with Rogan, which went on for a grueling five hours.

Before professing his faith in cryptocurrencies, Jones said that “like eight years ago, I got told by two different people—very well known, rich people—’George Soros likes you and wants to work with you.’” To make that happen, however, Jones said he would have had to “pump bitcoin,” and in exchange he would receive “$5 million” worth of the currency. Jones, of course, refused. No one can compromise the integrity of a man who has the guts to reveal Lady Gaga’s true Satanist nature, especially not a “globalist” like Soros. (The term has come to indicate coded anti-Semitism.)

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Jones also made comments about bitcoin last year. In an InfoWars interview with Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver, Jones spoke of the “globalist-directed civil war inside crypto.” The two talked in early February 2018, a time when Ver believed there was a measured effort to devalue Bitcoin Cash in favor of the original bitcoin. Jones pointed out how such organized efforts are common practice, perpetrated regularly by “big megabanks and big globalists” coordinating “attacks” and operating “bots,” then blaming their secret media campaigns on the Russians (unclear exactly which specific “campaigns” he was referring to).

Jones then asked Ver, “You’re saying that appears to be going on [in the bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash ‘civil war’]?”

Ver answered affirmatively, adding, “If you were a globalist and wanted to prevent people from being able to have control over their own money and wanted the governments to control everything, this is exactly how you would do it.”

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Okay, so are Jones’s latest claims about Soros bribing him to pump bitcoin building off his earlier conversation with Ver? Are the “globalists” somehow working secretively to tear down bitcoin, a donation method Jones previously turned to after getting banned from PayPal? Or are these all just the continued ramblings of an extremely problematic conspiracy theorist who we really shouldn’t be paying attention to in the first place? Only time will tell. (Just kidding, it’s the continued ramblings of an extremely problematic conspiracy theorist.)